Payment and e-Wallet services worldwide

We offer the most complete payment services for all type of merchants

Our solution supports fintech companies and merchants within the high-risk industries (Forex, Gaming, Gambling) using our payment gateway capabilities, and enabling international settlement with a cheap and highly competitive cross border fee, all with a single integration, irrespective of the merchants’ locations.

FairPay’s payment gateway, as well as its modern reporting tools, helps merchants monitor their entire account without spending countless hours tracking their sales. We provide merchants multi channel access to manage every transaction at all times, with automated reports and in-depth visualisations. At FairPay, we display to you accurate, real-time transaction data from anywhere in the world.

What We Do

FairPay offers solutions for fintech and other companies within high-risk industries to accept and make payments in the quickest and most convenient way. FairPay’s payment services gateway enables us to create Merchant Accounts for high-risk businesses and professionals across many industries, thus empowering them with the tools needed to scale, transform and grow their online business globally.

Leveraging its cutting edge payments technology FairPay delivers a suite of services including the provision of payment services gateway and alternative payment methods targeted at exceeding the expectations of the most demanding clients. We create Merchant Accounts with a fully fledged payment gateway, which can easily be integrated to your web domain, software packages or EPOS cashier system. At FairPay, our utmost priority is to provide the fastest approvals, lowest rates and best terms available for high risk Merchant Accounts.

Our worldwide integration partner work with long time relationship

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