We offer cross-border payment services!

FairPay connects businesses
and enables them to grow globally.

Why to choose FairPay

Payment and e-Wallet services worldwide

We place utmost priority on providing the most complete e-Wallet services at all times.

Seamless payment services

With a focus on empowering and enabling businesses and professionals within the high-risk industry to connect and grow globally, FairPay provides secure and seamless customer experiences with state-of-the-art payment optimization fine-tuned to your high-risk business needs. Our core values of transparency, accountability, and excellence sets us apart from our peers in the industry.

FairPay specializes in securing the right payment processor for high-risk merchants. We protect our clients from fraudulent services while delivering payment solutions that mainstream banks refuse to provide.

FairPay serves individuals and businesses in diverse industries

High, Medium and Low-Risk type of businesses can always count on us to enjoy:

Lower Fees

Our rates are the lowest in the industry with no hidden charges.

Faster Payments

FairPay provides the fastest approval duration, thus enabling you to receive your funds within minutes

Greater Flexibility

FairPay offers its clients greater flexibility via its multi-currency support. Our terms are the best for high-risk merchant accounts.

Instant Transaction

FairPay processes all transactions instantly and sends real-time confirmations to its clients. We also offer 24/7 support services.

At FairPay, we understand your needs and we promise to always provide better solutions and services tailored specifically to meet your needs.

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