We serve high-risk companies as one more that we are.

Birthed out of the desire to empower and enable businesses and professionals within the High-Risk industry such as Forex, Gaming, and Gambling.

We specialize in providing customizable payment solutions with multiple layers of security with the lowest rates for your high-risk businesses.

Why choose FairPay

We are part of the high risk business world

Our team of professionals have experience working with high-risk companies and are familiar with the difficulties that encounter clients, customers, or people when making payments.

We are always looking for newest solutions

FairPay was born from the search for a solution that would cover the needs that we found in the market, currently we continue to develop our platform on a daily basis.

We seek partnerships on a daily basis to improve our coverage

A large part of FairPay’s success lies in the number of agreements we have with multiple entities in Latin America.

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